ZQuip’s modular system makes your conversion to electric easy

Quick & easy conversion

You install, ZQuip supports.
No need to send your equipment to us.

Power where you need it

ZQuip battery modules fit on any ZQuip machine, allowing you to move them across your fleet so you have power on the machines that need it.

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Flexible power

Match your ZQuip battery module to the job.

Zero performance degradation.

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Continuous run-time

Drained ZQuip battery modules can be quickly replaced with full charged modules or can be charged from another module.

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ZQuip Battery Module

  • Voltage: 700 Vdc
  • Capacity: 70 or 140 kWh
  • Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.8m x 1.1m
  • On-board Battery Management System
  • Thermally insulated and temperature controlled
  • Robust structural frame and vibration isolation
  • Live data on the status and location
  • IoT functionality for Real-time telematics, state of charge and location
  • Fleet management software with user dashboards

Electric Motor

  • Voltage: 700 Vdc
  • Capacity: 40 to 150 KW/(TBD)HP
  • Drives all existing hydraulic functions
  • Ultra-efficent, regenerative to maximize runtime
  • Thermally managed
  • Sound insulated
  • No maintenance required, sealed system, entire assembly can be swapped out in-field
  • IoT for motor performance monitoring and reporting

Smart Controller Unit

  • Brains of the ZQuip machine
  • Real-time temperature and weather monitoring to ensure best performance
  • Ties into smartphone App for remote monitoring
  • Work planning features to increase efficiencies
  • Track performance over time to improve estimate accuracy
  • Work volumes - tonnage moved, area prepped, and additional operational data
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition

Thermal Kit

  • Maintains better temperature to enable fast charging in all climates
  • ZQuip machines operate in any temperature
  • Sealed kit with minimal maintenance

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ZQuip battery modules
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