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Our Mission

Enabling the transition to electric powered construction equipment in the fastest, cleanest and most scalable manner while creating a larger-than-anticipated return on investment.
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In today’s world, sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.

Moog, the parent company of Moog Construction and the visionary force behind ZQuip, is active across 25 countries. We are passionate about protecting people and our planet. We want to become a more environmentally and socially impactful organization and are well positioned to make positive contributions. Our vision is to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business.

Pim van den Dijssel
Group Vice President and General Manager
Moog Construction

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100% zero emission

Facilitating decarbonization and mitigating the effects of climate change.

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Reduced noise emission

Zero engine noise, reduced vibration, and increased productivity.

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Sourcing sustainability

At ZQuip, we strive to work with partners that share our broad goals towards positive impacts that are meaningful and sustainable.

Are you ready to make your zero emissions machines a reality today?

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